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Welcome to the Montanti Family Website.  I have put together this site as a way to preserve our family memories.  So much of our family history is held in the hearts and minds of our relatives and is lost as each one passes.  Hopefully this can serve as a way for those old enough to remember a way to reflect on the past and for those too young to be there a way to learn where they came from.

If you have information about the photos or stories about our family, please email me at  Also, if you have any photos of family members please scan and send them to me in Tiff format (higher resolution the better) and I'll add them to the library.


To provide a bit of background our family is from Canicatti Agrigento Sicily, Sicilians refer to Agrigento as "Girgenti".  Our earliest ancestors lived in Canicatti and moved to Racalmuto - Carmelo Montante and Theresa Lombardo were were the first to move and were married in Racalmuto.  According to stories passed down, our family left Canicatti for Racalmuto to work in the Gibellini Sulfur mine.  The mine is well documented for having harsh working conditions.  The mine was particularly harsh for Salvatrice Lauricella (my Great Great Grandmother), her husband Guiseppe Lauricella was murdered there.  Salvatrice was so grief stricken that she was temporarily blinded, her house raided of all possessions by the locals, which precipitated fleeing Racalmuto with her daughter Marianna.  It is rumored that she and Marianna sought protection in Rome, but Palermo is the documented city they lived in before immigrating to America.    Other stories of particular interest is one of Carmelo Montante (husband of Theresa Lombardo) spent time in jail for taking another mans life in a knife fight.

Our family name was originally spelled ending in "e" as "Montante" and along the way the "E" was changed to an "I" to spell "Montanti".  No one in the family can explain why this change occurred.  There have been stories about how the old family members would argue over the correct spelling.  Of the original Immigrants, Rosario was the only one to keep the original spelling. 


The earliest immigrant to arrive in New York was my great grandfather Carmelo Montante traveling aboard the "Buenos Aires" arriving April 11, 1906.  At 20 years of age he began his life in Little Italy residing at 216 Chrystie street.  He was shortly followed by his wife to be Marianna Lauricella (13) and her mother Salvatrice Lumia (38) traveling aboard the "Lombardia" arriving September 7th 1906.  His brother Luigi Montante (19) arrived October 6th 1906 traveling aboard the "Italia".  Pietro Montante (28) , Carmelo's uncle arrived April 27th 1907 along with his brother in-law Guiseppe Grimaldi (husband of Pietro's sister Calogera) they travelled aboard "The Leon XIII".  Pietro lived at 228 Chrystie street upon arrival.  Carmelo's father Calogero (47) arrived July 10th, 1907.  Calogero did not stay in America, after making 2 trips back and forth from Racalmuto to New York, he ultimately returned to Racalmuto where he passed away around 1913.  Vincenzo Montante (18), Carmelo's youngest brother arrived March 1st, 1910 traveling aboard the "Berlin".  The Macaluso sisters Nicoletta (21) future wife of Pietro, and Carmela (18), future wife of Luigi arrived April 14th 1910, aboard the "San Giovanni".  Rosario Montante (24) (note - the only family member to keep the original spelling) arrived with his wife Filipina Todara (19) and new born daughter Teresa (2m) on April 26th 1911 aboard the "Duca De Nova".  Carmelo's Mother Assunta and Father Calogero (his second trip) arrived October 10th, 1911 visiting their 3 sons Luigi, Vincenzo and Carmelo living at 225 Willis ave, corner of 138th street, Bronx.  Vincenzo Montante passes through Ellis island for the 2nd time on October 21st 1913 aboard the "Berlin".  Maria Calogera (Lena) Chiarelli (13), future wife of Vincenzo arrived with her family October 25th 1913.  She was traveling with her siblings Leondaro, Gaspare & Guiseppa (spellings may be incorrect as the handwriting ship manifest is not very clear).  For the next several years there is no activity of travel until April 19th, 1921 when Vincenzo Montante arrives for the 3rd time aboard "The Canada".  Shortly followed by his wife Maria Calogera Chiarelli and their 3 years old son Calogero.  According the Vincenzo's son Dr. Vincent Montanti, his parents returned to America due to difficulties with the Mafia in Racalmuto. 


My goal is the trace our lineage as far back as possible through the Commune in Racalmuto.  Joe Montanti (1950 - 2006) of Monroe NJ compiled a very extensive family tree.  I used much of his research and data to make the family tree on this site 


I'll be updating this site periodically.  Feel free to email me if you have any information that you'd like to add to this site.




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Welcome to the Montanti family Website

Montanti Family Picture

  1. -taken 1935

  2. -1912 Richmond Terrace

  3. -Carmelo and Marrianna’s 25th wedding Anniversary